Cakes by Kim - Cake Artist

Birthday Cakes

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Cell: 0272544161
Ribbons & Bows
Rice Bubble Laptop
Topsy Turvy
Dirt Bike Hill Climb
Disney Mermaids
Scooby Doo
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Gone Fishing 1
Gone Fishing 2
Humma Limo Anyone?
Fuschias & Fairies 1
Fuschias & Fairies 2
Dan Carter / Rugby Cake 1
Dan Carter / Rugby Cake 2
Chocolate Lover Supreme
Holden Cake
Spots & Stripes
Bubble Bath
Chocolate Lovers Dream
Dora the Explorer
iPhone Cake
Mount Cook Mountaineering Cake
Adventure Time
Boozy Minion
1957 Dodge Kingsway
On the Beach
Catching Fish!
Linesman Cake
Dairy Free Smash Cake
Skiing Trip
Teddy Bear Cake
Twirls & Flowers
Spotty Fire Truck
Skateboard Cake
Wine Bottle & Shot Glasses
Na Na Na Na Batman!
Rainbow Barbie
Surveyor Cake
Transformer Cake
Blossoms & Bows
Fit for a Princess

Silhouette Cake

Duck Hunting

Horsing Around

Anyone for a Game?

All work and a little bit of play!

21st Piano Cake

Truckin Mad!

Car Mad!

Office Desk

1957 Ford Retractable

Lego Cake

Vet Cake

Ice Cream Cake

Suitcase Cake

Edible Lunchbox

Do the Maths!

Starburst Sparkle

Monarch Cake

iPad Cake

VW Beetle

Keyboard Cake

Racy 3


Sleepover 1

Sleepover 2

Pretty Blosssoms

Tractors & Cruiseships!

Lace & Roses

Thomas the Tank Engine

Camping & Tramping

Kowhai & Maori Scrolls


Pool Table & Wine

Ombre Ruffles & Hearts

Minnie Mouse

Ducks, Dogs and Race Horses

Minnie Mouse 2

Golfing & Duck Hunting

Sparkly Winter Castle


Business Card

Ombre Ruffles & Peony

Kawasaki KDX

Giant Cupcake Tutu

Purple Princess Castle

Pouring Pebbles

Warriors on Fire

Rolls Royce

Hunting and Farming

We Salute You

Rock On!

Frozen Icy Sparkles


Shopping & Relaxing

Construction Day

Pinata Cake (Hollowed & Filled with Lollies)

Escaping M&M's

Giddy Up!

Special Gift

Tiger Silhouette


Lace & Roses

Minty Ruffles

Rock & Roll!

Frozen Snowballs

Playing Pool & Drinking Beer

Say Cheese!

Reading & Golfing!


Teddy Time

Ahoy Maties!!


Deer Hunting & Camo

Minecraft Cake

Lego Batman

Princess Sophia

Still in Control of the Remote

Chillin in the Hot Tub


Stars & Bowles

Yee-haw Cowgirl

Tinkerbell & her Sister

Hunting at Dusk

Toy Blankie


Minecraft Grass Block


Sweet Treat

Go the Mighty Warriors!

Time for a Rest.....


Winnie and Friends

Toothless the Dragon

Birthday Dinner with the Family

All things Girly

Pirate Dinosaur

Pirate Treasure Map

Dr Who Tardis

Ten-Four Good Buddy

Go karting!

Where's the Fire!

Surf's Up

Pig Hunting Time

Dora and Friends


Nursing and Farming

Chocolate and Flowers

On the farm

Evil Alice Masquerade

Red Bands Country Gal

Sprint Car

Edible Lace & Sugar Flowers

Wine, Stars and a Dog

65 Candles

Simple Chocolate

Getting Muddy!

Cute 40th

Cars 3 Tier

Hunting, Clay Shooting and Tractors

Buttercream Girrafe

Scottish Hunting Theme

Frozen Olaf

Karate/Racing Theme

Cars 1 Tier

Elmo Cupcakes


Interior Design

Baby Farm

Birds and Dragonflies

Race Ya!

Teachers Pet

Scottish Bagpipes

Stags Head Trophy

Quick, Call 111

Ahoy Maties!

Shoes and Bling

Edible iPhone

Princess Ariel

St Andrews Golf Course

Ed Sheeran

Hiding Out

Pretty in Purple

Cowabunga Dude!

Frozen 5

May the force be with you

Minnie Mouse

Go the Mighty All Blacks!

Covered Wagon

All about the Outdoors

Golf & Gardening

His & Hers


Barrel of Flowers

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